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- Face and Body Painting -

The instructor
face painting instructor, Mai Park
Mai Park
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“Simple and Elegant”

 By Brady Neher,

the winner of first place in the face and body Art international Convention 2009

"…Which other face and body painters do you admire and why? 

Mai Park …I met her at this year FABAIC (Face and Body Art International Convention).  

We had a nice discussion about the beauty of simplicity in design.

Then when I saw what she had painted on her own face for the banquet ,

I became an instant HUGE fan of her work.

I see a great many things in the future from this woman.

I have already claimed my place as her #1 fan…” 

- interview if the October in 2010 issue of Illusion Magazine -


Mai is the founder of Bananagum face and body art. 

After 10 years of being involved in the face painting industry,

she has developed many creative designs

and inspires other artists all over the world. 

Recently, Mai has been invited with her unique face painting skills

to teach in local and international events in the USA, South Korea, and Australia,

as well as in online teaching sites @

- fabatv,

-Smile Creators (subscription 10% discount  code: MAIPARK )

face painting class
face painting lesson
face painting work sheet

Mai Park offers to show you the basics of this rewarding skill! 

You will be surprised how fast you can become a good face painter.  

Face painting is commonly used in all kinds of events and parties.

If you are working with a large group of people,

or are involved in school programs,

having the skill of face painting would be very useful.

It can also be a stimulating and creative outlet for young adults;

it allows them to express themselves

and provides them with entertainment.

Using the right painting supplies and certain brush strokes,

you can be an efficient face painter.

Learning how to do face painting doesn’t require an artistic background. 

Lesson levels range from beginner to intermediate

and are available in private or group sessions. 


Individual Lesson

$90 / hour

$400 / day (5 hours)

$1800 / 5 days (5 hours / day)

* (option) extra model fee 




$120 / hour + $50 / per each student

* (option) extra model fee



Online Lesson

- Private : $60 / hour 

* (option) extra model fee 

- Group : $60 / hour + $50 / per each student

* (option) extra model fee 

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