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Rosy Henna

* Currently Unavailable 

Henna is such a splendid beauty

that makes any hand looks    stunning with custom designs.

We provide original, traditional,

or modern designs using 100% natural henna.

Our services are at all types of events! - Weddings, corporate events, festivals, baby showers, birthday parties... 

We guarantee a fun experience

that will create memories

that last a lifetime.


* Start at

$60 @ private appointment,

or $120 / hour @ parties

 - Travel Rates may apply

to events outside of Red Deer

- Nonrefundable deposit ($20 per hour per artist) for private booking.

- Cancellation policy will be indicated in an invoice for a corporate event.

rosy henna
Prenatal Henna

Starting at $150

Blessing your baby with amazing Henna Art!


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